To our families for all their love, support, patience and understanding.
To all of our friends who have been there to help us along the way.
To all of our listeners for listening and providing us the encouragement to continue.
To life, for our gifts and the opportunities to share our music and connect with it in so many beautiful ways, for the constant inspiration and possibility to inspire others to create the changes they wish to see in the world.
To the City of Miami, LA, NY, Austin, and the people who reside in them and make them what they are. And, to all the other cities that we have yet to discover and people we have yet to meet, we thank you in advance!
And, thank you to all the musicians who have played music we have heard and loved, who taught and inspired us to make our own.
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Thank you to the background fairy for her lovely layout.
Thank you to Billy Frank Alexander, for his superb images.
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Thank You to Lost and taken, for their background textures.

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