Desert Sun

Desert sun on my back, feel like something is going to crack
And I walk under the stars and the desert moon
Wonder if I’ll find my way out of this cacoon.
Took a stroll in the golden sands,
Feel the need to lie in your hands,
Where mirages are lies and the palm trees sway
Waiting for love to come back my way, so I...
Stars colliding, Stars fly free
Wonder if they hear us through infinity.
Where we’re left to wonder, why the thunder cracks
It says, “March on forward no need to look on back.” So I...
Spring romance came my way,
Summer loving no it just won’t stay,
And I fell into a pile of something new
Wonder why I find myself thinking of you, so I.
Made a bed under the desert stars
Ain’t as precious as this world of ours
And I’m sick and tired of this fuss and pain,
No I don’t want to see it come back again, so I...

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