Liane Little Eye

A singer and songwriter born and raised in Miami, Fl., Liane “Little Eye” Ojito began her musical journey by driving to Los Angeles alone, after graduating from FIU, in 2002. Cradled by the mountains with the ocean on the horizon was when she first put her poetry to song and began writing and performing her original music. With the vast musical culture, she began performing her original music around coffee shops and clubs. After a few years of performing and exploring the West coast, she ventured North to Washington State and back east across the Northern US, where she was embraced by natures majesty until arriving in NY city. Her first night there she landed a steady gig performing at a bar by Madison Square Garden. She performed continually around NY alongside great musicians until the day she left. As much as she enjoyed performing in NY nightclubs, the fellow performers, and the musical diversity, she could not stand the concrete that encased her. She moved back to Miami and started a band, “Liane & the Mystery Band”, and they performed all over Miami until she was invited to perform during Austin City Limits and SXSW. That is when she discovered Austin, and fell in love with the City. So, she quickly moved there. Austin embraced her with open arms. She played at various clubs, hosted open mics, performed live on NPR and received radio play in Texas (also on the radio in Miami). She shot a music video which is now being edited. Now residing in Miami, she is happy to be with her family and performing and recording with “The First Words”. They are enthusiastic to have won a Battle of the Bands in November 2010, and now, they are getting ready to go back in the studio to record an album with new songs while exploring performance opportunities in Miami, Fl.

“Selfless acts for selfish people, feed the fish.” ~Liane


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